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Looking for a demo vehicle?

You've come to the right place for the largest database of demo vehicles in South Africa. Updated Daily. 100s of dealers and 1000s of cars. We are 100% focused on finding you a well priced almost new demo vehicle. If we don’t have the car you’re looking for please tell us and maybe we can find it for you. 

When you’ve found a demo car you like in the Vehicle Search, simply insert your name and contact details in the fields provided and we’ll immediately send an email to the dealer so that they can contact you. Some dealers are a little quicker than others, but anticipate contact within the hour (time and day dependent obviously).
If you haven't been contacted within 2 hours please send an email to and we'll chase them up for you.

Why purchase a demo vehicle? 

Buy a demo to get an almost new vehicle at a used price. Exceptional value and a full warranty makes it sound appealing and Demo vehicles sell for less than a new car – probably as much as 10% less than the recommended retail price (so you lose less when you trade in the car at a later stage).
Our readers say they choose to buy a demo because:  
  • The demo vehicle is generally as good as a new car 
  • Demo vehicles are generally under 6 months old
  • Mileage is normally under 15 000km
  • Any issues will have been attended to by the dealer

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