ROSSLYN, SOUTH AFRICA (13 November 2019) The new CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) versions of the Datsun GO and GO+ have it all – from smoother gear changes, less noise and fewer emissions to all-round better driving.

But what exactly is CVT? CVT is a vehicle transmission system with a variable gear for different driving situations. It allows for seamless gear shifting and offers better power delivery and improved fuel economy when compared to traditional transmissions.

Hide Kuwayama - the newly appointed head of Datsun for South Africa – is confident that the new CVT versions of the Datsun GO and GO+ will prove a major disruptor for South Africa’s entry-level vehicle segment.

First launched in the country back in 2014, the Datsun GO and GO+ have over the last five years established themselves as the vehicles of choice for those looking for a well-priced, reliable new set of wheels.

“Our new CVT versions of the Datsun GO and GO+ represent a completely new experience for progressive, self-driven young drivers who’re looking for best-in-class technology,” says Kuwayama, “It also comes fully equipped with a number of exciting new upgrades aimed at providing our customers with the ultimate in safety and comfort.”

The chic new Alliance Radio infotainment system comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and has Android Auto and Apple Car Play. The Datsun GO and GO+ CVTs are also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, and an AM/FM Wave radio.

All new Datsun GO and GO+ CVT vehicles come standard with traction control as well as two airbags, ABS with EBD and brake assist - which were all added to the range in November last year.

In addition, all new CVT models have been fitted with a new stability control system, called VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control). VDC safety technology monitors various parameters - like wheel speed, steering wheel position and lateral acceleration - using on-board sensors. This information is further used to provide ESC (Electronic Stability Control).

Passenger seatbelt reminder
At Datsun, the safety of our drivers and those they care about is paramount. So, in addition to the driver seatbelt reminder which already comes standard on our current Datsun GO and GO+ range, we are now also fitting all new Datsun GO and GO+ CVT models with a passenger seatbelt reminder.

Says Kuwayama, “At Datsun, we strive to keep up with our customers’ ever-changing needs and lifestyles. Our new Datsun GO and Datsun GO+ CVT models are a reflection of our commitment to putting our customers at the center of everything we do.”