• Lexus seeks to create the world’s most beautiful convertible
  • Design preserves the award-winning styling motifs of the LC coupe
  • New model to be launched in 2021
The Lexus design team received a daunting challenge: create the world’s most beautiful open-top car. It was straightforward, but a considerable challenge, as the new model had to preserve the essential styling motifs of the award-winning LC coupe.

The roof was key to their goal, as chief designer Tadao Mori explained: “Few convertibles are stylish and elegant when the roof is open and when it is closed. We put maximum effort into realizing the same beautiful roofline for the LC Convertible as for the coupe.”

The cover is set as low as possible, avoiding the familiar flat, platform look typical of many convertibles. The beltline kicks up behind the doors, creating an overall tight and clean profile.

The folding roof boasts an extra fold in the soft top to fit in the space between the rear suspension towers, creating a character line running from the front to the back.

As the cabin is more open to view, Lexus used innovative colour coordination, enhancing the model’s special character and brave design.

Two soft top colours will be made available: Beige and Black. Further options for interior colours give owners the freedom to specify a car that captures their personal style.

Co-ordinating the A-pillar trim with the colour of the roof lining is a rare quality design feature that Lexus applies throughout the LC range. The colour coordination is all the more stylish in the LC Convertible as the pillars are in clear view whenever the roof is lowered, accentuating the luxurious quality of the interior.

The seat upholstery received special attention with a quilting pattern in the shoulder section of the front seats and perforation swith three different diameters appearing to progressively fade away. The LC 500 Convertible will boast a naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8engine producing 351kW and 540Nm of torque at 4800 rpm. Mated to the DirectShift-10automatic transmission, this engine gives the LC linear, yet invigorating acceleration. Power output is tuned according to driving style, with smooth acceleration character during normal commuting and aggression at the limit when the driver desires.

Lexus will introduce the LC 500 Convertible in 2021for the South African market and is sure to be a hit on a road due to its stylish and elegant design.